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Whether you’re looking for a whole window package for your dream home or replacing aging windows, we can offer many different alternatives, from wood to vinyl to metal clad windows.  It is a matter of taste, style, endurance and maintenance.  At One Way Glass, we only use windows from well established companies with a proven reputation for quality and after sale service.  We will meet with you on site, discuss your options, take measurements and give you a free estimate.

Replacement sealed units

The double pane glass in your windows is called a thermal pane sealed unit.  Having an air space between the two panes of glass creates insulation from the exterior temperature.  The thickness of the glass depends on the surface size; the bigger the window, the thicker the glass.  Your sealed unit can also have what we call low emission glass (low-e), which provides better protection from the sun. We recommend it for large south facing windows.  Extra insulation can also be provided with argon gas between the panes of glass.  Finally, you can have a third piece of glass, making it a triple sealed unit.  This option is popular in colder climates and is also very effective for sound insulation.  If your window is located in a cathedral ceiling or in a skylight, the glass will need to be tempered for better breakage protection but also to ensure that if it breaks and falls, no one will get hurt, as tempered glass breaks in very small pieces of glass that cannot cause serious injury.

Window repairs

If you have problems opening or closing your windows, you may need new window operators or a few simple adjustments.  Give us a call and we will be happy to have a look and give you our professional opinion with a free estimate.