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While standard screen doors are functional in improving ventilation and keeping insects out, they lack style and sophistication, hide your entrance door and obstruct the views.  Phantom Screen offers a solution that meets your aesthetic, lifestyle and functional needs.  Your Phantom Screen can be installed in in-swing or out-swing single doors, French doors, patio doors and oversize doors.  It is also ideal in the Bow Valley for use in windows of all types, as it stays out of view when not in use, ensuring unobstructed mountain views all year round.  Because of its discrete design, the Phantom Screen door usually gets easy approval for use in condominium developments, as it does not affect the overall look of the development.

Phantom Screen is the leading provider of retractable screens in North America, offering smooth operation and optimum control.  With Phantom Screen, you can have your door wide open to let fresh air in anytime you want, yet keeping it neatly rolled into its stylish receptacle while not in use.  The receptacle comes in a wide variety of finishes to blend perfectly with your decor.

Phantom Screen only uses the best quality material for the production of the Phantom Screen, and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

The Professional Series is the original Phantom Screen retractable door screen that uses a magnet latching system.  Phantom Screen now also offers the Legacy retractable Phantom Screen, featuring the new integrated latch and release handle.

Phantom Screen also offers the Executive screen, a motorized retractable screen solution for patios and porches; only there when needed, the Executive screen retracts out of sight at the touch of a button; suitable for all large openings, the Executive screen blends with any architectural style.  Finally the Infinity retractable screen covers folding wall systems and large applications.

In fact, wherever you need protection from insects without compromising the style and functionality of your decor, Phantom Screen has a well designed, easy-to-use and high-quality solution.